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Metal Building Components & Accessories

Let us be your complete supplier. We offer a wide range of subframing components and accessories to help simplify your project and deliver the quality you expect.

Coil and flat stock

Our coil is available in a variety of colors and materials. Materials include galvanized steel, Galvalume steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. An optional peel-coat protectant can be applied to flat stock. Contact us for a color chart.


We carry a wide variety of fasteners for your metal building and deck projects. Weld washers, self-drillers, and self-tappers are available with the following properties and options.

Typical Accessories

Get a watertight installation with CSM. More than 200 standard color sealants are available, and we can match any custom color. Rely on us for a variety of different profile closures, as well as 1/2”-wide, tri-bead, and triple-bead butyl tape. Doors, louvers, skylights, insulation, and more are available to help complete your project.


Subframing provides additional support and points of attachment for your metal and fiberglass roof and wall panels. Our subframing is available up to 12 ga. thickness in either a galvanized or red oxide finish. We carry cees, zees, channels, angles, eave struts, hat channels, sub-girts, and cleats.